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build dashboards

Neurophate lets you build dashboards in a visual, flexible, and collaborative way. Reimagined for remote work and modern teams of the future.

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Made for the modern team

The way we work has changed but business intelligence software hasn't.

Neurophate helps empower your team with data. Identify key business problems, discuss creative solutions, and make informed decisions - all without code, all on one beautiful interface.

Customize your workflow.

Change the view of your dashboard to the way you like it. Consolidate metrics into separate columns or visualize it through blocks, your choice!

Supercharged productivity.

Integrate with your favorite PM tools like Linear and create data-driven tasks right from Neurophate. Leave notes on metrics and label different widgets to enhance your dashboard.

Your data made flexible.

View your data in multiple types of schemas. Visualize through graphs, display as a statistic, or format in a table. Your data can be whatever you wish it to be!

Seamless collaboration.

Comment in real-time with your teammates, identify critical business problems, and act. Designed for remote work.

Shortcut through your work.

Access any app action through our powerful command line. Create new dashboards, widgets, filters, and more. Next-gen data analysis is here.

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We're designing dashboard software for a new era of work.

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